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Anglican Network in Canada
The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) is a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America and part of the global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans which affirms the Jerusalem Declaration. ANiC also remains affiliated with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, one of 38 provinces in the global Anglican Communion.
Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans
With the formation of FCA, Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, that dream has become a reality. In the words of the Jerusalem Statement, we are a fellowship of people united in the communion of the one Spirit and committed to work and pray together in the common mission of Christ. It is a 'confessing fellowship' in that its members confess the faith of Christ crucified, stand firm for the gospel in the global and Anglican context, and affirm a contemporary rule, the Jerusalem Declaration, to guide the movement for the future
City of Pembroke (
Today, Pembroke is home to many industries that have their origin in the lumber trade. But it also has grown to include other industries and businesses based on technology and innovation.
Town of Petawawa (
The Town of Petawawa has something for everyone to enjoy. Whether looking for a place to locate your business, raise a family, retire or just vacation, Petawawa offers a wide range of services and opportunities
Garrison Petawawa
As a partner of the Petawawa Community, Canadian Forces Base Petawawa offers numerous outstanding services and programs to the community. Whether your interests lead you to our beautiful outdoor recreational areas or into our world-class fitness facilities, all residents of the Petawawa area are welcomed to enjoy the advantages that CFB Petawawa offers.
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